Website profile aboutLisa Sterling Arnquist has spent her career advocating for those who deserve but all-too-often don't receive a voice in the legal system. She is an expert at cutting through the legal bureaucracy to uncover the best solution for everyone.

A Distinguished Attorney

  • Over 25 years family law experience serving all the Southern California counties
  • Graduated from University of Santa Clara School of Law
  • Worked for Appellate Judge of the California First District Court of Appeals William Newsom
  • Family Law Practice has provided legal services for over 65 years


A Record of Service

  • Hosted legal seminars at Mariposa Women's Clinic for victims of domestic violence
  • Provided legal services for residents of Hannah's House, an advocacy center for pregnant, homeless and at-risk women
  • Conducted workshops in elder abuse at Orange Senior Center
  • Lectured on family law issues to California Lawyers for the Arts


Lisa combines a highly skilled legal mind with a deep sensitivity to all the different ways her clients need support, understanding and guidance. Her goal is always to make the legal system work for families and not the other way around, as the money and time you might otherwise spend on lawyers is better spent on yourself and your children.