Collecting on judgments and support awards

If  you have a child support, spousal support or Judgment award which the other party has not paid, or complied with, you have remedies and often the court will order the non-complying party to pay your attorney's fees and costs for having to take him to court to fultill the terms of the order/Judgment.  Very often a letter threatening to take your ex to court where you will be seeking attorney's fees and costs will do the trick and he or she will comply with the terms of the order.  Also, wage assignements are  your right and are relatively simple to put into place.  If neither of those options gives you the relief you are seeking, then know that the remaining offending parties almost always comply with court orders when dragged into court and forced to face a recriminating judge who tacks on interest (currenlty 10%) as well as attorney's fees.  Finally, for those who still refuse to pay what they've been ordered to pay, or to turn over what they have been ordered to turn over, there are writs of execution, liens which can be placed on property and seizure of assets which can all assist you in your collection efforts.  Hiring an experiened lawyer gets results!