DCSS liens, Driver's License suspensions and bank account seizures

If you're behind on your child support payments and have received a letter from the Department of Child Support Services threatening you with any number of "bad" things such as:  suspending your driver's license; intercepting your tax returns; putting a lien on your house; seizing your bank accounts or 401k, taking your passport, or the myriad new methods they always seem to be coming up with to annoy you, harrass you and take your money, its time to know your rights and what you can do to stop the seemingly endless ways they find to punish you.  There are programs available such as the "Compromise in arrears program" which can actually reduce your debt to zero in some cases, if you are not capable of paying  what you owe (to the county) within five years.  There is also the option of having the court set a low payment on arrears, sometimes only $5 per month, if you can effectively show that you cannot afford to pay more.  The truth is that there are options available to you, you are not just utterly at the mercy of Child Support Services.  I'll help you find the light, a beacon in this stifiling and sometimes hopelessly dark process where you can recover your dignity (and finances) and have some breathing space to get your life back on track.